Ordering and purchasing process


1.Before ordering

By your country and the variety of plants we ship, there is some cases import license of your country is needed. In that case, we ask you for the acquisition of the import license.



Pre-payment only. We will tell you our transfer account with the total amount of money after receiving your order.


2.How to order

We take the order by e-mail only. From the inquiry form or to our e-mail address , please send with the necessary information below. The reply will take several days.

・Content of inquiry・Name・Phone number・E-mail address・Address



After payment verification, we ship in around two weeks, and in proper time(November to March) . EMS only.


3.Postage/ Root wash charge/ Quarantine charge

Shipping to overseas requests roots wash and plant quarantine, and it takes each charge. (See the table below, with some exceptions). Postage varies by delivery region and the number of plants. We will tell you the exact amount after the order reception.

★Postage :depending on region and number

★Root wash charge[yen each] :100 per plants

★Plant quarantine charge[yen] :30,000


6.Returns or exchanges

We expect perfection in the quality and the delivery of plants. But by some possibility, when there are cultivar differences or defective products, please contact us within 7 days after delivery. We accept returns or exchanges immediately. Returns other than cultivar differences or defective products should withhold. Dying after planting is out of compensation